Clodagh Kinsella

Emma is the ideal guide to navigating the murky waters of travel writing – and the scary triumvirate of PRs, pitching and planning trips. I already had experience in the industry, but lacked the know-how (or nerve) to feel confident approaching bigger magazines and newspapers.

In her supremely approachable way, Emma helped to demystify some of the things I’d wondered about, while generously sharing her professional nous. 

Zara Sekhavati

I had a very inspiring tutorial with Emma. It was jam-packed and very thorough. We went through pitches and pieces I had previously written. It gave me a personal and rewarding insight into how to write and edit.

 Emma is warm, approachable and it's easy to ask her questions. This was an incredibly motivating tutorial and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend it to any aspiring travel writer. I would love to do it again! 

* Zara subsequently went onto win The Daily Telegraph 'Just Back' travel-writing competition and be shortlisted for Young Travel Writer of the Year at the 2018 Travel Media Awards.

Kathryn Phelan

Emma’s help was invaluable. We broke down an article I’d pitched recently, and the exercise was extremely insightful. As well as larger themes, we examined slight nuances that I’d never have considered on my own. A game changer!

I left the session feeling inspired, driven, and better equipped to approach the industry. The tutorial improved not only this particular article, but also my writing more generally. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Robin Evans

I had previously attended various writing workshops (good in a generic, introductory way) but still felt there was progress to be made on building a rapport with publications and finessing the creative writing.  We're so often blind to the subtleties of our own style; an objective eye was exactly what was required.  Freelancing is all about self-motivation, so enthusiasm was key for me, which made Emma the obvious choice.

Gemma Kidby

A one-on-one tutorial with Emma offers invaluable tips and insights into the travel writing industry that you just don’t get at introductory writing workshops. I found it extremely beneficial to receive an honest, objective critique of my travel writing with suggestions on how I can hone my  skills. The session gave me a much-needed boost of confidence and was hugely inspiring.

Interested in becoming a travel writer, or just looking to take your writing/blogging skills to the next level? 


Find out how to make travel pay. From finding story ideas and constructing the perfect pitch, to approaching editors, writing a saleable article and getting your trip financed. 


A one-on-one 1.5–hour tutorial in London or via

Skype consult costs £100.